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           Magiball is a action multiplayer game, with pixel art retro visuals, here, players are dueling in a medieval world, in the magic and divination school, where a tournament is being held, as a graduation exam, so students of this school are competing in dodgeball-like games, strategically using fast movement, offensive and defensive spells, to finally graduate and become true mages. 

        * Movement *
        Player 1 - 
                A - Left
                D - Right
                W - Up
                S - Down
        Player 2 -             
                Left arrow key - Left
                Right arrow key - Right
                Up arrow key - Up
                Down arrow Key - Down
        * Spells *
        Player 1 -               
                C - Fire spell 
                V - Ice spell 
        Player 2 -        
                O - Fire spell 
                P - Ice spell 
        * Special actions * 
                Dodge roll - double tap any directional key 
                Charged Shot - hold and release any spell key.


Project_Magiball.exe 16 MB

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